“If you can’t protect life then how can you protect liberty?”

1385575_720801444614852_1989581597_nLife is the first and greatest liberty. Let’s celebrate and protect it! I don’t like abortion is dedicated to all the unborn everywhere and to all the brave mothers who made the decision to let nature take its course even when it was the toughest option of all.

Although we fully support religious opposition to abortion I don’t like abortion is secular and non-partisan. We just believe it is wrong to kill another human and that includes babies in the womb. And we will do as much as we legally can to stop it from happening. We welcome input from pro-life supporters from all walks of life, from all creeds, from all political persuasions, from all religions. Please share your views, your events and your activism with us here, on Facebook, or twitter.

Interested in writing for us? Email SayNoToMurder@gmail.com or reach out to @lizthatch on twitter for more details.

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