The Brave New World of the Feminist: We’re so important that killing is justifiable

Rebecca TraisterLet’s Just Say It: Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do, is a think piece from Rebecca Traister at New Republic. She sounds like your regular thoughtful  leftist who has considered the topic of abortion carefully and concluded that big people are much more important than small ones. Just as Hollywood B-list actress Ellan Barkin who this week claimed that fetuses, babies and infants are not “persons” because they “cannot talk” she maintains a distinction between small life and big life.

And so we need to make it clear that abortions are not about fetuses or embryos. Nor are they about babies, except insofar as they enable women to make sound decisions about if or when to have them. They’re about women: their choices, health, and their own moral value. It might sound far-fetched to suggest that the public debate about reproduction could ever sound this sensible. But there have been times in our history when it dideven when (and sometimes because) women had far fewer rights and freedoms than they do today.

So it’s all about me. That’s the message of a profound, smart, twenty-first century woman. It’s the message of a liberal feminist and the lack of humanity, compassion and logic is irrefutable. Either life is important or it’s not. There is no ‘moral relativism’ so beloved of liberals here. Either life begins at conception or birth. Pick which one. Barkin, is a vacuous idiot but she’s made her case clear, she’s all in for murder. Traister is trying to have it both ways. You can be nurturing by killing, she claims. Read her article here, and try and count the flaws in her logic. You’ll run out of fingers and toes, but not as many as were dispatched by the women in her family.


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