Pope moves Cardinal “sideways” for defense of unborn

From RYOT: Pope Francis, who has made a name during his papacy for being a reformist, has continued this trajectory by removing a conservative American cardinal from his position.

imagesThe Cardinal in question is Raymond Burke, an anti-abortion clergyman who was once outspoken about denying pro-choice lawmakers Communion. He has been removed from the Vatican Court, instead given a ceremonial position as chaplain for a Vatican charity group.

The move did not come as a surprise to many close to the Pope who say that Burke was critical of the pontiff’s approaches.

Francis believes the Church should not focus as strongly on divisive topics such as same-sex marriage or abortion, but should instead examine itself, and determine how to make the Church a more welcoming place for all individuals. Burke has gone on record with statements that oppose this and has been the leader in conservative criticism against the reformist pronouncements Pope Francis is ushering in.

During the recent synod, Burke was outspoken in opposition to the possibility of allowing Communion for divorced Catholics and was critical about the document that came out speaking positively of homosexuals. Francis has said this is the type of culture war he hopes to avoid with Catholics and within Catholicism itself.


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