Canadians come to Maine for abortions

Abortion clinics in Maine are reporting a significant increase — up to half of their clientele — in women traveling from New Brunswick, Canada to abort their babies. It’s because the Canadian province, which borders Maine, just saw it’s local private abortion clinic close down.

Abortions are legal in Canada and, according to the New Brunswick Medical Services Payment Act, paid for by the state, in certain circumstances. Two physicians have to say the abortion is medically necessary, and it has to be performed by one of two approved hospitals. Many women face problems finding a supportive family doctor — let alone two — for the time-sensitive procedure, so many abortions in New Brunswick happened at The Morgentaler Clinic. Physicians there performed about 600 abortions a year, or 60 percent of all pregnancy terminations in the province. More here. 

It’s a long trip that requires an overnight stay and the Maine clinic offers incentives such as financial assistance to the Canadian mothers.  Because Canada sees the right to abortion as a “constitutional right’ New Brunswick’s Premier, Brian Gallant, has promised a review of the situation.


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