Yes, our tax dollars are funding abortions. And guess who’s getting the lion’s share?

Despite promises to the contrary by members of Congress and even the president, Americans now know that Obamacare is entangling tax dollars with coverage of elective abortion. Last week, the Government Accountability Office released a report confirming that more than 1,000 Obamacare exchange plans cover elective abortion but remain eligible for taxpayer subsidies. Read Sarah Torre at theRead More

Planned Parenthood in New Orleans Runs Into Building Problems

From pro-life advocate Jill Stanek’s blog: Two contractors have been cited for violations in Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s latest woe while attempting to construct a new abortion clinic in New Orleans. The State of Louisiana has fined Barre McNeely Investments, LLC, a total of $2,500 for falsely completing state forms. Company owner Larry McNeely wrote “BMI, LLC” on all permits and contracts in an apparent attempt to hideRead More

Planned Parenthood Fails to Report Sexual Abuse of 13-year-old in Colorado

When performing an abortion on minors, many states require parental notification (as they should). Beyond that, it is absolutely imperative that any clinic report suspected sexual abuse of a minor to parents and/or authorities. Not surprisingly, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has drug their feet on the whole reporting-sexual-abuse-of-a-minor practice. Because the bottom line to PlannedRead More